Maybe I’ll just go to see what it’s all about, I really need to get around to socializing around here!

"A masquerade?"

Hanbei looked a little confused, what was a masquerade? Although reading the flyer he quickly became aware that it was a dance, what did it include exactly? Well he’d look it up once he got back home. “What do you think Pikachu?” 

The Pokemon shrugged, a little laugh coming from the strategist “Lets see if we can drag Kanbei out of his hole~ It wouldn’t hurt to go” First things first though

He needs to go learn about all this.


     Finally the elder had awoken from his sleep, Kanbei let out an exhale of air though Chandelure pouted. She may have even been more stuck up than her Partner was, though mostly because her and Hanbei always feuded over little things. Kanbei took note of Pikachu the partner seemed just as happy to see him as his partner was. Though maybe it was because, when alone, Kanbei doted on the mouse with treats.

     ”I see you did receive my message on time then.” Usually they took longer to get from one region to the next, the younger did send one of warning of his presence here in Unova. “Hm, I shall think about it. Don’t make a habit out of this either, it would be bad if a higher up walked in on you instead of me.” Not everyone was like Hideyoshi you know Hanbei, who usually slept with you on occasion. Patting the others head as he hugged him, a sigh was released. 

     The Chandelure nodded, of course she would watch over him and chimed in response. How could he doubt her? Though what he said next made her flame puff. A hand reached up to give a stroke to his partner to calm her. “I don’t think that is necessary - also I wouldn’t aggravate her knowing she did try to burn you once.”

She started it okay! It makes him mad when he ends up getting blamed but one of these days he’ll show her, he swears. “Everyone is pretty relaxed so far, I meet Professor Oak, ah the grandson not the old man, he’s in Kalos right now doing research on mega evolutions, quite the intelligent men and I look forward to swapping notes with him when he gets back”

If he was dog his tail would be wagging right now. Receiving the pat he moved away, stretching his arms out with a little groan. He’s not doubting you, don’t worry, just joking. “She’s the one who can’t take a joke, she’s more uptight than you are” he put his hands on his hips giving a huff

"Oh but- Litwik, where’d you go? Your mother’s here" the baby had already found her way back to her mother, nuzzling up as it sat on one of the tendrils. "I’ve been taking good care of her~ Right Litwiki?" the Pokemon chimed happily, floating over to Hanbei and sitting on his head

"She’s a pain in the butt to train though, I’m sure I could do it with an artificial link but I’m not sure about putting any Pokemon in a pokeball" rubbing the back of his head Pikachu climbed up to his shoulder sitting there nicely.

"Did you find the apartment alright? I have your futon in the closet we’ll split the room once we get back… And er sorry for the mess I was doing my research again" Pikachu reached over, pushing it’s paw against his cheek "Ububub, I’m working on it okay?" thy exchanged a pair of challenging looks before both turned back to Kanbei. "So did you come looking for me first or have you been around the school?"

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     This wasn’t an exact reunion with a friend you have parted with for months, it was just reality to them. Finding Hanbei sleeping was something he was used to finding when even a little bit of peace ( or absolutely none at all. ) The ghost strategist just looked down, what a not very unique surprise at all.

     Chandelure seemed a bit huffy, she had traits similar to her partner. “Hanbei, awake, How many times do I have to say a work place is not one to sleep at?” The deep voice spoke before turning to chandelure.

     ”Do as you wish, don’t kill him.” It was a joke but anyone besides Hanbei wouldn’t get it.

You couldn’t keep them apart for long, even if they separate and go their own ways they would always end up at each other’s side in the end, like a big rubber band was wrapped around their waists.

Hearing his name being called he stirred Pikachu picking it’s head up and giving an excited look, wiggling it’s way out of Hanbei’s arms, going over and rubbing up against Kanbei lovingly "Piiika~"

Do as you wish, don’t kill him

And in an instant he knew who it was. Sitting up he gave a big silly grin, rubbing at his eyes lazily. “Kanbei! I’m glad you finally made it” getting up he went over, wrapping his arms around him. “Can you refrain from threatening to burn my clothes off next time?” yeah that’s not happening, he’s laughing anyway too.

"Hello Chandelure, it’s nice to see you too, been watching over Kanbei for me~" Hanbei stop playing with fire. "I was starting to wonder if I should send a search party soon"

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Dawn had been looking for a place to get away from the weirdness that was Lucas. Normally the male couldn’t stand to be near her and today well, if the call she’d gotten from him was any indication the researcher was looking for her. Finding the open office she slipped into the room closing the door this was probably just as safe as the gym. 

She pulled out her gameboy again moving to go sit in the chair for whatever teacher this office belonged to almost screaming when she saw the person laying on the ground. 

"…Uh mister… are ya alive?" She poked him with her foot. 

Pikachu’s head picked up when he heard someone scream, Hanbei just letting out a grumbled and holding the little electric mouse closer. Pikachu let out a squeak before looking at the girl and nodding it’s head to tell her that yes, he was alive.

It wasn’t that hard to wake him up though, the simple touch jolting him from his sleep the small male sitting up in a flash. “Wait don’t-” he calmed down, remembering he wasn’t in any trouble. “Um… Sorry, did you need help miss?”

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Hanbei yawned softly, a little grumble coming from the strategist as he rolled over, pulling Pikachu closer and letting the mouse curl up against his neck.

Now none of this would be very weird if it wasn’t for the fact he was fast asleep in his office and on the floor

This might be a habit.

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He’s fallen asleep on the floor of his office in the middle of catching up on what’s been done for Midterms. Pikachu is curled up beside him as they snore away softly.